The Great Land Grab
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Now available for the iPhone:
The Great Land Grab PLUS!

Want the ultimate game you can play on-the-go? Pick up the new iPhone version of The Great Land Grab, now available to all iPhones and iOS devices!

For a limited time only, "TGLG Plus!" is ON SALE for only $0.99! Celebrate our iPhone launch by grabbing the app for this limited-time reduced price - and be sure to tell your friends!

The smash hit Android game, The Great Land Grab, can now be played on your iPhone! TGLG is a location-based GPS game that plays like a giant property-buying board game - one where the game board is the real-world map, and you have to actually visit a piece of property in order to buy it! Earn rent from your properties over time, and watch as you rise through the leaderboards of players in your city - but watch out, you're competing against other players who can buy your properties back away from you! Visit your properties regularly to check up on them, because claim-jumping is the name of the game in The Great Land Grab.

The new iPhone version takes the popular location-based gameplay of the Android version and finally makes it available for the iPhone audience, and adds the following enhancements:

  • Get your money's worth - all app purchasers get an extra $10,000 of in-game starting cash!
  • Overhauled art and UI with a fun frontier theme!
  • Use one account across both your Android and your iOS device. Different smartphones, same game world!
  • Special items can now be purchased for real money directly within the game, using the App Store's "In-App Purchases" system!

Available now in the App Store!