The Great Land Grab
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The Great Land Grab Store!

Here you may purchase for real money some of the items that you can use in the game.
Currently everything here may be purchased in the game with game money as well. Purchasing with real money can give you a leg up or might just be your way of saying "Hey, I really like this game! Here is some money!"

First I need your login so I can give the items to the correct player:
Login Name: Region: United States Europe

2 Lawyers The lawyer is a proxy purchaser allowing you to purchase land where you are not located. Each quantity purchased will give you 2 lawyers. Login to activate button
Building Permit The building permit will allow you to place a store on a parcel of land you own. All proceeds from the store go directly to you. You charge more for the same items found in business sponsored stores. Once placed, a store will last for 31 days before being removed. Login to activate button